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Gain private access to research satellites currently in orbit. Space exploration can quite literally be in your own hands!


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Private satellite space exploration and research is no longer private. Our mission at Blue Space Galactic is to bring space exploration to the masses allowing the public to access and control our satellites for a broad range of exploration and research activities. Our members are given temporary control and granted the ability to conduct private research using our public access satellites. Join today and start discovering!

Featured Programs

Our one-of-a-kind program brings space exploration into the hands of the people by allowing anyone the opportunity to begin exploring space on their own terms without prohibitive costs. Space exploration shouldn’t be limited to individuals or companies with massive bank accounts. 

Private Research

It’s your research, you own it, you keep it and only share it when you’re ready. Our satellites are equipped to conduct multiple types of space exploration and research. The research conducted when you’re in control of the satellite is yours and yours alone. 

Full Control

Our members reserve time on specific public access satellites and conduct research during their reserved time. The cost to reserve time is not prohibitive and allows for more wide spread research into space. With full control on the reserved satellites our members are truly in the drivers’ seat.

Public Access

Our public access satellites are made to be controlled through our on-of-a-kind program that allows any individual or group to rapidly train and begin conducting private research. 




All H0urs

Satellite time is reserved in 4 hour blocks and can be reserved up to 30 days in advance. 

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